How to transfer your DHA Licence to HAAD

How to transfer your DHA Licence to HAAD

How to transfer your DHA Licence to HAAD

Transffering DHA Nursing licence into HAAD nursing Licence

Dubai Health Authority and Health Authority of Abu Dhabi has came up with a memorandum for mutual recognition of medical licence of various health care professionals. This will help you to transfer your job with out getting a second licence of HAAD or DHA.

Procedure for Transferring DHA licence to HAAD.


To Change your licence, you need to request for a Good Standing Certificate from DHA, it will cost you 510/- AED and will take a maximum of 15 working days. If you wish to have the certificate in 2-3 working days then you should pay 1010/-AED  which can be paid through a credit card.

STEP 2- Dataflow Account HAAD

It is mandatory to create a dataflow account in HAAD, so that you can fill up the application through online. Remember to upload all the necessary documents, you can follow this link to fill the application. Before this you should get a dataflow report from DHA, there you can find your report under PSV section. In case if you dont have or can’t access this section you can get the report by senging an e-mail to Keep the PSV receipt for further process. If you don’t have any sponsor yet, you can put it in as a self applicant.


HADD will send you an e-mail from asking you to pay the fee. Since you already have the dataflow  report from DHA, you don’t need to pay again, you can send back your PSV receipt along with your dataflow report through e-mail and wait for their confirmation.

STEP 4- NOTIFICATION will send you a user name and password along with the link to HAAD website. Open your account and fill up and upload all the needed documents again. Either you can wait for their e-mail or you can check the status in your HAAD account. This is the end of your procedure and enjoy the good times.

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