Staff nurse(OPD and OBG) in Sharjah

Staff nurse(OPD and OBG) in Sharjah

Staff nurse(OPD and OBG) in Sharjah

Current vacancies

  • Staff Nurse (OPD)
  • Staff Nurse (OBG)

How to Apply:

If you possess the determination to follow your dreams and excel in your chosen career path, as well as hold the relevant healthcare qualifications and experience, Sharjah Corniche Hospital would like to hear from you.  Please send your resume to

About Sharjah Corniche Hospital

Sharjah Corniche Hospital is located in the Northern Emirates, overlooking the picturesque Buhairah Corniche of Sharjah. The hospital has cared for the communities of the Northern Emirates for over 5 years under the guidance and leadership of Dr. Mahesh Vidhani and Dr Maya Vidhani.  The Sharjah Corniche Hospital joined hands with Anglo Arabian Healthcare in 2013 and has enjoyed an excellent reputation throughout the medical professionals in the region as well as within the surrounding communities. Medical services at the Sharjah Corniche Hospital continue to expand into other areas of the existing location, allowing our patients to experience even more space, convenience and comfort.


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